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A Letter from Miles Harvey

For the first European artist in North America, it took 26 years between his return to France in 1565 and the publication of his book about that adventure. An additional 300 years passed before the volume was translated into English. His paintings are still being discovered in the 21st century, more than 400 years after his death.

In the curious world of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, everything seems to move slowly. So I suppose it should come as no surprise that I wound up taking a fair amount of time to complete Painter in a Savage Land. Nonetheless, I can't help feeling bewildered that eight years have passed since the publication of my previous book, The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime.

In the meantime, I've received hundreds of e-mails from all over the world, a hugely gratifying and mind-broadening experience. I'd like to welcome back previous visitors to this site and express my gratitude to those of you stopping by for the first time.

Painter in a Savage Land has been the hardest professional undertaking of my life, but it has also been a wonderfully rewarding experience, a true labor of love. I'm anxious to receive your thoughts and questions—and I'll try to make sure that my response is the one thing about this book that doesn't take years.


Miles Harvey